Viatnam Bistro – 1050 Vienna

Mmjam!! That was delicious! I just came back from lunch with my parents and I am more than happy with the choice we made. I even took a menu card with me, because take away is also an option and I am pretty sure, I’ll make use of that possibility 🙂

Today we decided to try something new! As we just moved here, pretty everything is still new though. We tested a Viatnam Bistro just around the corner and it was deffinitely the right choice. The Bistro offers a variety of Viatnam specialities, but also more asian food and vegetarian options (you’ll get a look at the menu card later). The location is not the biggest and most beautiful, but the food they offer a pleasure.

This Viatnam Bistro is located in the Schönbrunnerstraße 72, in 1050 Margareten in Vienna. Busses 12A and 14A stop directly at the main entrance and also the U4 Margaretengürtel or Pilgramgasse ar not far away. So it is easy reachable by public transport or by foot 🙂

Opening hours are daily from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.. The staff is very friendly and as there are only ~8 tables, waiting time is not too long.

What did we order? We had Bun Bo, Pho Bo, Bun Moc, a Miso Soup and tofu with curry. All of these dishes were delicious. If you do not know what to order, they are recommendable!

And last but not least: the menu. I love to study the menu before going to the actual restaurant, because I want to make the right choice when ordering and staff often is not that patient. So here you go, make your choice!

Do you have any eatery advices in Vienna where I have to go? Tell me by leaving a comment!

More FoodBlogs from Vienna coming soon 🙂

Contact Viatnam Bistro:
Schönbrunnerstraße 72, 1050 Vienna
open daily from 11-22


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