LA – the City of Angels

Hi guys, I am back home from LA. We had an amazing trip to the United States the last 10 days. Actually it was my very first time crossing the Atlantic and travelling America. Though it was quite different than expected, I enjoyed this family trip very much! I guess it was better than I expected. I always had people running around with their guns and wearing “make america great again” caps in mind when thinking about the U.S.A.. And well, guess what, no caps, no guns! Thank you stereotypes.

Nevertheless we often had discussions about the current political situation and who the people in some areas might vote for. Yes it is very very different from Europe. Especially when you drive through nowhere, like we did when we visited the National Parks. But I don’t want to get too political in this post, I’ll do that in another post soon. This one should be all about Los Angeles!

We stayed there 3 nights, which is, in my opinion, absolutely enough. On our first afternoon we drove straight from the airport to Venice Beach. We parked on a 10$ stay there all day parking and went for a stroll. Touching the water with our toes was a blessing after the 12 hour flight, the same with walking barefoot in the sand. We did this  for quite a while, then we looked for food 🙂 So we got some pulled pork tacos.

What else is there to say about Venice Beach… A nice place to spend some time at the beach. You can watch tourists and busy people pass by with their bikes or these very trendy e-scooters, or even e-skateboards. You’ll probably smell and see people smoking weed on the street. Don’t forget to have a look at the beach mansions right behind you and their copied Venezia Canals, where they build their houses around. You’ll also find the famous muscle beach at one part, where already Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the first pumping up his muscles with people watching him doing his workout. And there are of course a lot of beautiful palm trees. I just looove them!

In the morning of the second day we visited the “Walk of Fame” and the TCL Chinese Theatre. Nowadays the theater is one of the oldest and most famous cinemas LA, so we got tickets for the new Venom film in the evening. The special thing about this film was, that it was played in 4D  (for those who do not know, the seats were shaking, wind and water was blowing and it was really great fun). Except for the smell – what should have been the smell of fresh coffee, turned out to be so so fu** disgusting, if coffee would really smell like this thing, starbucks would not survive another week! 🙂

That was the Walk of Fame and the 4D Venom (the movie is just great by the way, if you haven’t seen him – go for it!) in the evening and in between, we visited Downtown. Unfortunately Downtown is not that spectacular, except for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, some special buildings and the Broad (museum), which is for free.

This second day was the only day we used public transport and not our car to explore the city. And there was one thing that really shocked all of us equally. The high number of homeless people. If you have your car and drive from touristic spots to the next highlight, you won’t notice. But when walking through the streets and using the public transport, you get confronted. And there are hardly any parks or streets where you don’t see tents or people on the street, sleeping on the ground, having nothing but themselves. How is it possible, that the U.S. is such a wealthy country, having enough money, and not giving a damn about these people’s lives. How arrogant and selfish can you be to say, that these people do not deserve help, because they had/have their chance. Do you think poverty is a choice? What a role model society…not.

And then day number 3 with the hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, the famous instagram wall, a giant shopping mall and a bike tour at the Manhatten beach, before heading back to Vienna in the evening.

The hollywood sign is pretty cool, when having a good view. We drove up to the Lake Hollywood Park (a lot of people do that already) and caught a nice view up there. You’ll see it on the pictures later. Beverly Hills, the home of rich and beautiful. And last but not least on that day Manhatten beach. We rented bycicles to drive along the beach and wowi wow that was fantastic. The beach is really broad and sandy. And there are places to play volleyball and surf and yes, all you can say is, that this is what “California Dreaming”  means.

Which pose do you think is the best? It is obviuosly the one my brother does. I was not so creative unfortunately…

Here we got a street in Beverly Hills and yes, the sign. And last but not least (I hope) Manhatten Beach. These were my Los Angeles impressions, have you already been there? If you have anything to add, I’d love to read it in the comments.





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